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Living Deeply  Free Course

For those looking to embark on a spiritual journey, this course brings together academic psychology and Christian tradition to face issues about ourselves, raise challenges about our relationships, and point to what is above and beyond


About The Course

Living Deeply approaches Christianity from the vantage point of personal growth and pastoral care. We live in a time when many people are keen to develop themselves, and Living Deeply shows how Christianity can help with that. It starts with everyday issues that people are facing and takes them on a spiritual journey.


Living Deeply can be used by people on their own or by church groups. It comes with film clips you can download for free, passages for Bible study and questions for discussion. There is also a book version that gives extra material.


There are nine sessions, starting with issues like coping with stress, feeling low, and handling loss and grief. It moves on to why relationships matter, social issues, and forgiveness and reconciliation. 


That leads on to more explicitly religious topics like suffering and wholeness, and sin and atonement. Living Deeply ends with the relationship between God and ourselves, the God who is above and beyond, but also deep within us. 

Course Topics

The Living Deeply course is comprised of 3 modules, each containing 12 easy to consume videos. We recommend starting at module 1, so click below to begin your journey...


Module One: Personal Issues


Module Two - Relationships and Community


Module Three: Spirituality and Religion

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