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Dr. Sara Savage

Social and Cognitive Psychologist

Dr Roger Bretherton.jpg

Dr. Roger Bretherton

Principal Lecturer for Enterprise at the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln.

About The Course

Presented by Dr Sara Savage and Dr Roger Bretherton over nine short sessions, this is a resource that can be engaged with individually, or as part of a small group, with some time for discussion and reflection between each section.


Through the course we will discuss stress, depression, loss and death; we will tackle personal relationships, community, forgiveness and reconciliation; and we will explore sin and salvation, suffering and wholeness, self and God.


Whether you are committed to a religious tradition or simply curious about faith and spirituality, Living Deeply will meet you where you are at, bringing into focus the deeper issues at stake in our lives though both a spiritual and psychological lens and equipping you with tools to respond to life’s biggest challenges.


Access the course or free on our website or on our YouTube channel and start your journey to Living Deeply.

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